quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016

US government publicly admits to have received messages of extraterrestrial intelligence

Believe it or not, but strangely, as if it were a new fashion among governments around the world, the largest US government security agency, the US National Security Agency (NSA), decided an hour to another declassify a document that appears to confirm the reception of messages sent by an extraterrestrial intelligence; including drawing up a guide to decode the communication.

The National Security Agency has created a new file with documents that apparently confirm receipt of communication sent by aliens (these documents have been published unofficially 5 years). Interestingly the last two months both the British and French governments, such as the FBI, decided to release information related to the interaction with extra-planetary life cycle maintained by the revelation of the CIA on which Kennedy requested information on alien contact a week before he was murdered. But this UFO-fashion news strange inevitably invites anyone to make inquiries. What is the real agenda behind this sudden opening at this issue?

Among the information released after the civil action "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency" by the NSA there is a particularly interesting document, the NSA Technical Journal Vol XIV No 1, sheet number 41472, entitled "Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages" (Key to the extraterrestrial messages), presents a series of 29 messages that were received from outer space and that were apparently issued for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The document was written to try to understand the messages included in this extraterrestrial communication. The most notable of this article now released is that not only confirms the existence of extra-planetary intelligence (which surprisingly still many doubt), but also that also confirms what many have suggested in recent decades: that the US government remains consistent communication with extraterrestrial civilizations, even from beyond the boundaries of our solar system. Following a translated extract from page 21 of the transcript:

"Recently a number of radio messages were recorded from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but broken into fragments by breaks that could be considered as units since they were repeated on several occasions. Pauses define a scoring type included in message. the multiple combinations were converted into letters of the alphabet so that the messages were translated into text. each message, except the first, was only recorded once. the serial number of the messages were provided with each reference. "

With this published document, which can be downloaded at the following address: Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages, NSA joins the two other US agencies, the FBI and the CIA, thus continuing this strange fashion. It is a kind of introductory psicomassivo to finally, after decades of misinformation, acquaint us with clarity about the status of the relationship between the human race and extraterrestrial civilizations? Or simply we are in front of a propaganda campaign more to distract public attention from events or decisions that plausibly affect our immediate future because of the crisis in that country?