segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Former manager of NASA breaks the silence and says, " alien bases, ships and giant structures was what we found there'"

Ken Johnston, laboratory photographs of control data receiver Luna former manager of NASA, just opening his mouth and telling US TV channels the truth behind the dark side of the moon. This truth that the American Space Agency, hides from around the world for over 40 years.

According to Johnston, on July 20, 1969, when Apollo 11 made its first landing on the moon, the crew's task was to explore the lunar soil. But what the crew would have found was something much more surprising, they found old buildings with artificial origin. According to statements given to their supervisors, the astronauts of the time say they have found ruins of buildings in a tower form over 300m in height.
Moreover, there was extraterrestrial base on a large mining operation and unknown gravitation technology. In addition they have found flying object oval shape resting on the surface of the moon, the astronauts had beaten more than 100 pictures of everything that was found. But according to reports, NASA would have given the order to destroy the pictures to Johnston, but he refused to follow the determination.
This news has come to light in 2008, when former astronaut Neil Armstrong gave an interview to a news site. At the time, the former astronaut said on the far side of the moon would have been found gigantic constructions. A kind of extraterrestrial base and they were doing a mining operation on the lunar surface. In addition, Apollo 11 crew would have photographed more than 100 pictures shooting huge motherships resting on the lunar surface.
Besides the photos, a probe's onboard camera would also be recorded in real time the evidence of the fact. However, when they returned to Earth, the astronauts were told not to say anything on the subject. And many pictures as well as recorded images have been erased by the Agency.These reports appear in the recently released book called '' Dark Mission the Secret History of NASA. "The book is co-authored by

the NASA consultant and advisor to CBS, Richard C. Hoagland, in partnership with Mike Bara, engineering consultant
space area. In the book, he says that the man had been expelled from the moon by an extraterrestrial civilization that explores the place. What could explain the fact that man never set foot again in the lunar soil for over 40 years.In a statement, Johnston says,. '' I have nothing more to lose, fought with the Agency and was fired, "summarized The fact is that in 2009, NASA launched a satellite a ballistic missile, which would hit in full the behind the moon. As for the allegation fact, the agency said it did this in an attempt to discover the existence of water inside the moon.