quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

We are extraterrestrials. Earthly life came to Earth from space.

We are extraterrestrial and terrestrial life came to Earth from space!

According to new research, it is very likely that we are all aliens who come from elsewhere in the universe to Earth. Ladies and gentlemen, the controversy arose after astronauts aboard the International Space Station to find a marine plankton in one of the windows stations.

Another point for controversy, as the researchers say, this is further evidence to support the idea that life came to our planet from elsewhere in the cosmos.
While Russian experts claim that these tiny organisms were brought to the station for "drafts of the sea", where the plankton is found in abundance, other scientists argue that it is impossible for the plankton survive the "journey" to the ISS, which It means that these organisms must have originated from somewhere else.

We are extraterrestrial and terrestrial life came to Earth from space scientists say.
The discovery was made possible by high-precision equipment although the researchers have no idea how the bodies ended up in the International Space Station.More research on the organisms discovered in the International Space Station showed that the organisms are not native Baikonur, Kazahstan, where some of the modules originated. This means that it is extremely unlikely that organisms were taken into space from the launch, although there is a possibility that they were transferred from parts of the United States of ISS since launch sites of NASA are located near the Atlantic Ocean."The results of the experiment are absolutely unique. We found the sea plankton remains (...). This should be studied further," said cosmonaut Vladimir Soloviev, head of one of Russia's orbital missions. According to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, of Buckingham Astrobiology Centre, diatom algae were previously found in meteorites that fell to Earth.
"Diatoms were found in meteorites in Sri Lanka, but there was no proof of where they actually came," he said.
"This is the first time we have evidence that points to complex living organisms falling from the sky to Earth.
"The space station orbits the Earth in a vacuum full, no air, so it is a total challenge the laws of physics to say that these organizations were taken into space from Earth.
"The only explanation is that they came from somewhere else in space, and it supports long-standing theories that plankton, and thus all life on Earth, including humans, originated from organisms in space.
"All we have on earth is derived from space, including humans."